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The trucking industry is a vital component of the Australian economy. Many truck owners understand the risks involved – trucks can get into accidents and goods can be stolen or damaged, leading to astronomical expenses, which could shut down a business. Yes Insurance provides tailor made truck insurance services for a variety of requirements and needs.

What is Truck Insurance?

Truck insurance is an essential aspect for any truck owner in Australia; as a truck owner, you will appreciate the peace of mind and assurance knowing that your trucks and goods are protected. This type of insurance covers a wide range of risks that your transport operation business may face, and can be combined with other covers such as marine insurance, goods in transit insurance and public liability insurance to provide a comprehensive commercial truck insurance policy.

Why Choose Us for Truck Insurance?

Yes Insurance Group are experts when it comes to the truck industry, and we will find you the best truck insurance solution for your individual needs. We have access to a wide range of insurance products and carriers in Australia, who can arrange competitive premiums and will come up with the best option for you or your company. Whether you operate one truck or a fleet of trucks, Yes Insurance Group will find the best solution to meet your requirements.

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to insuring trucks for you or your company. Your requirements are unique, and as such, your insurance policy should be customized to meet specific risks that your business faces.

Our highly experienced and friendly professionals will take the time to review your individual situation, identify key risks and understand your options. We will provide expert guidance on what you will need to protect your assets properly and will ensure that your needs are met.

Yes Insurance will help:

  • Advise and arrange cover: Our insurance professionals will advise and arrange appropriate truck insurance for you and your business through one or more insurance providers.
  • Save premium costs: We will find you the best quote with a policy coverage that is tailored to your specific needs and does not include unnecessary coverage, thus saving you premium insurance costs. Insurance premiums can be paid in instalments over the year, which will help your business cash flow.
  • Find truck insurance solutions for all needs: Depending on whether you have 1-2 trucks or a large fleet of over 20 trucks, we will find you a truck insurance quote to cater to your needs. We also factor in radius of operation, types of goods carried and more.
  • Add necessary components: We will be able to tailor your quote to include other components of coverage to your truck insurance such as cargo liability, general liability, goods in transit insurance and so on.

The insurance premium and package depends on the type of vehicle you have, as well as the year, make and model. We provide insurance for a variety of truck types including:

  • Prime Mover
  • Cab Chasis
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Concrete Agitator
  • Compactor Body
  • Drilling Rig
  • Pantech Body
  • Refrigerated Pantech
  • Stock Truck
  • Table Top Body
  • Tanker Body
  • Tipper Body
  • Tow Truck

Yes Insurance Group are insurance specialists in Australia with agents that are well experienced and versed with dealing with insurance for truck solutions for all requirements.

Call us on 1300 726 113 for a tailor made truck insurance assessment today.

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A perfect example of internet is the Truck insurance market place. In the past, if you wanted to get the most competitive quotation for your Truck insurance, you had to “shop around” by trudging from one insurance broker or company’s office to another, or by getting on the telephone to do the same thing. The problem with this was that it was often difficult, if not impossible to know whether you were truly comparing like with like...

The internet is all about information, and, more critically, the ability to compare facts, data and information from several different sources quickly and efficiently.

Arguably, as a direct result of this simple fact, nobody has felt the effects of a potential customer’s ability to find, check and compare such data than companies trying to sell services (as opposed to products) online.

Unlike a physical product, a service is not tangible, you cannot pick it up, feel it, or touch it. Thus, a service provider needs to supply the maximum amount of information, because the more information the potential customer has, the more confident he is likely to be when making the buying decision.

What better way to do this than via the worldwide web?

In other words in the old days, it was absolutely necessary to “read the small print”, to avoid ending up with a Truck insurance policy that really did not meet your requirements, although it appeared at first as if it did.

Coming right back up to the present day, whilst the small print is still extremely important, the internet has effectively ensured that it is no longer so small! It is now possible to make meaningful and accurate comparisons of exactly what two companies are offering with their Truck insurance policy at the touch of a button.

You are still “shopping around” but you are doing it at our own speed, from the comfort of your own home or business

In this way, the internet has made finding the best Truck insurance a far less stressful business than it was in the past, and has also guaranteed that the policy you buy is absolutely the most suitable for your own circumstances.

Call us on 1300 726 113 to get a tailored insurance assessment for your biggest asset – your business

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