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Business Interruption Insurance


If you are running a company, one aspect you need to prepare yourself for is if you were to face a loss due to a major, unforeseen event such as a fire, storm or earthquake, which will interrupt your business.
Although disaster strikes, overheads and costs will still have to be paid.

The loss of revenue can have a major impact on your company, and it would be wise to take steps to ensure that your business will survive in these circumstances.

As a business owner, it is important that you consider your business needs carefully to reduce any additional risk and potential exposures due to unforeseen events by investing in Business Interruption Insurance.
Yes Insurance Group provides advice and will help you find the best Business Interruption Insurance in Australia for your needs.

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business Interruption Insurance is useful when a major sudden, unexpected or unforeseen event interrupts the running of your company, and you are unable to operate from your premises. Although you are unable to earn an income, you will still need to meet fixed expenses such as rent, wages and loan repayments. Business Interruption insurance will cover you with an income stream to replace lost profits and pay for fixed expenses until normal commercial operations are resumed.

Key features of a typical Business Interruption insurance policy include:

  • Restoration of profits to the same position that would have been earned if the interruption had not occurred.
  • Funding for increased costs to maintain production.
  • Employee wages and redundancies in case of layoffs.
  • Debts and expenses.

The indemnity period of this type of insurance usually lasts from 3 - 36 months depending on the total time estimated for a full recovery. There are several insurance policies that provide flexible choices of indemnity periods, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

We have access to hundreds of insurance companies and underwriting agencies and provide professional advice from experienced business and transport insurance brokers.

Why Choose Us for Business Interruption Insurance?

Yes Insurance Group will help you find the right Business Interruption Insurance to suit your company.
Our experts will review your business needs and provide advice and recommendations on what insurance solution would be most suitable for your requirements. We work with major underwriters to find out the most competitive premiums that will get you the best coverage to suit your needs.
We take all aspects into consideration such as new ventures and coming acquisitions, to ensure that you get the best possible insurance solution.

Yes Insurance Group can assist you with evaluating and finding the right Business Interruption Insurance policy for your company.

Call Yes Insurance Group today, on 1300 726 113 to discuss your Business Interruption Insurance requirements or request a quote today.

George Gacovski - Real HP Transport Pty Ltd Managing Director
"Hi my name is George Gacovski I am the Director of Real HP Transport Pty Ltd I have been engaged with Yes Insurance for a year and a half since commencement of my business. Yes Insurance has given me great service and prompt responses to all my enquiries, what I like best about the company is that I liaise with one personnel and that gives me great confidence in the company and that my paperwork is taken care of and not passed on from one person to another as other companies seem to do. I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking Tracey Clarke for all of her help and support, I will highly recommend Yes Insurance to everyone."





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