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Commercial Truck Insurance


Yes Insurance Group provides commercial truck insurance for all types of businesses, from small business owners to medium and large enterprises, which is used to protect commercial trucks against certain losses such as theft and damage.
We advise you on all insurance requirements for commercial truck purposes in Australia, and will help find a solution that is tailored to your specific commercial needs.

What is Commercial Truck Insurance?

Commercial truck insurance provides cover against theft and accidents for trucks used in a business. It varies depending on the number, type, make and model of vehicles, and the amount of coverage needed. This type of insurance is required for all companies that have trucks registered under their business.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Truck Insurance?

We understand that finding the right truck insurance for your business needs at an affordable price can be an arduous task.
We at Yes Insurance Group will help you find a solution that will help you get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible, and offer risk management solutions for your fleet to help you reduce the severity and frequency of claims.
We provide cover for individual trucks and fleet trucks used during the course of business, and can also include other components of coverage such as liability and legal costs for damage to third party property.

Yes Insurance Group offers commercial truck insurance that is tailored to your needs.
We cover insurance for any number of trucks; we provide non-fleet insurance for small companies that have less than 10 trucks and fleet insurance for medium to large companies that want to insure 10 or more trucks. We will advise and recommend appropriate truck insurance quotes according to the type of truck you have, goods you carry, driver experience and risks incurred, and will help you understand the varying degrees of coverage and insurance requirements in Australia so that you will make an informed choice for peace of mind and assurance.

You can pay your insurance premiums in monthly installments, which will assist your business cash flow.

Yes Insurance Group will keep your best interests in mind and find an insurance policy that is tailored to meet your company requirements.

Call us on 1300 726 113 for a commercial truck insurance quote today or submit for a fast free quote below.

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George Gacovski - Real HP Transport Pty Ltd Managing Director
"Hi my name is George Gacovski I am the Director of Real HP Transport Pty Ltd I have been engaged with Yes Insurance for a year and a half since commencement of my business. Yes Insurance has given me great service and prompt responses to all my enquiries, what I like best about the company is that I liaise with one personnel and that gives me great confidence in the company and that my paperwork is taken care of and not passed on from one person to another as other companies seem to do. I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking Tracey Clarke for all of her help and support, I will highly recommend Yes Insurance to everyone."


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